Legacy of Faith

Linda and Ray King with over 50 years combined service to family, various community organization and Catholic parish decided to focus on only several ministries. To reach their mission of ‘Following the Gospel through Servant Leadership’, in 2012 Kings Servants, LLC was formed.

There are three ways they are fulfilling their mission. They serve as Event Managers for Fr. Mitchell C. Pacwa, S.J. They book speaking engagements across the country to give him the opportunity to preach the Gospel. Linda serves as comptroller for Noah’s Ark Christian Academy located in Georgia to assisting them to be able to provide a positive and nurturing environment in which to enhance the physical, ethical, and spiritual development of each child.

Ray and Linda both serve with the Christ-centered girls character building program, American Heritage Girls. Serving as mentors to both girls and their adult leaders to dozens of Troops in the Cincinnati Area, they hope to impact the future by building women of integrity.

Since the 1960’s the Catholic church has lost several generations of baptized Catholics due to a lack of knowledge of their Catholic Faith

Since the 1980’s there has been efforts to address the lack of faith in our young adults: Theology on Tap (founded 1981), Cardinal Newman Society (1993), Fellowship of Catholic University and College Students (1997) and Catholic Beer Club (2013) to name a few known efforts

(The sources for this information include: The Official Catholic Directory (OCD), the Vatican’s Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae (ASE), and other CARA research and databases.)

*Support the current established Catholic groups with Fr. Pacwa, S.J. as speaker
*Schedule 4 Legacy of Faith events each year

Procedures/Scope of Work
*Research contacts for college and young adult ministries
*Discuss with above ministries if they are interested in having, Fr. Mitchell Pacwa, S.J., versed in many different current events and culture from a Catholic perspective, to support their evangelization efforts at one of their events

Please be our Ministry Partner
Join your prayers with ours for:
*Fr. Mitch Pacwa. S.J. for continued strength to preach and share the Gospel
*Ray and Linda King and their family member who have fallen away from the Church
*For all those who are involved with Youth and Young Adult Ministries across the world
*For our Youth and Young Adults who are struggling with their Faith and for their peers who are strong in the Faith walking alongside them in the Culture of Death