Heaven’s Gain Ministries

Linda has known Donna Murphy, Heaven’s Gain Ministries Executive Director, for over 20 years through their involvement in the same parish and homeschool group. Then in November 2018, Donna called Linda to see if she knew anyone that could help her ministry with marketing. Linda is still looking for the right person but in the meantime, Linda is mentoring Donna in how to develop an organizational plan to meet the needs of her fast growing ministry.

About Heaven’s Gain Ministries

Since 2008, Heaven’s Gain Ministry was determined to provide for the emotional and physical needs of families experiencing pregnancy loss. Every child is precious no matter the length of gestation. Families deserve sensitivity, compassion, and proper preparation.

They know grieving families are not just losing a hope or a dream. They are losing a child that can never be replaced. Parents in need of support must be cared for with respect when saying “hello” and “goodbye” to their precious baby. Heaven’s Gain supplies information, instructions, and tools to guide parents in making informed decisions promoting peace without regret.

They can connect families with a Certified Baby Loss Family Advisor™ /Baby Loss Doula®, and provide burial baby caskets and baby urns for miscarried or stillborn babies of any gestational age.

They pray the variety of resources provided by Heaven’s Gain helps acknowledge and uphold the dignity of each precious baby, informs and instructs parents, and brings comfort and closure to each grieving mother, father, and family member.