Legacy of Faith Initiative

Introduction to Father Mitch Pacwa’s “Legacy of Faith” Initiative

To leave a Legacy means to: bequest, give an inheritance or endowment. That is the singular driving motivation for Father Mitch Pacwa‘s fervent desire to reach out and speak to groups of young Catholic adults. Father Pacwa’s vision is to create a “Legacy of Faith” for the next generation of Catholics who strive to grow and mature in their faith and become the future leaders of our Church.

As you may know many young adults in the US are leaving, not only the Catholic Church, but religion altogether. This has made the need to connect with the young adults an urgent necessity. In 2016, Pew Research Center reports that over “52% of all Catholics have left the faith. A minority (4 in 10) of them returned, but most have not.” They also report that “nearly 80 percent of cradle Catholics are no longer practicing Catholics by the age of 23”.

Father Pacwa ardently believes that personally reaching out to young adults in an intimate setting where he can connect and answer questions is the most effective way to reach across generational gaps. He reminds us all that through our Baptism we are called to be sharers of the Church’s mission which is to continue the works of Jesus Christ and to make His name known and loved.

Father Pacwa offers you this opportunity to join him in his new “Legacy of Faith” Initiative. Before you complete your Event Request Form, please find a local young adult group and list their contact information on the form where indicated. Examples of such youth group (size 40-100) would be:Theology on Tap, Cardinal Newman Society, Catholic University and College Students and Young Catholic Professionals.

Father’s event management group, “Kings Servants LLC“, will contact them to arrange an event with the young Catholics on the same weekend as he speaks at your event.

Note: If your event includes a breakout for young adults, note that on the event form. Then one of Father’s talks should be arranged to address that group during your event.

CLICK HERE to complete your event request. Thank you and bless you for aiding Father Pacwa, S.J. in this passionate cause.